Atenolol Side Effects

Atenelol Side Effects


Hypertensive patients require full medical attention because of their condition. The attention is not only given when the patient is already suffering from its effects. Maintenance medicines are usually given to patients to help them regulate their existing condition. One of the most prescribed drugs is Atenolol, which is a non-selective beta-blocker. This drug was the first successful beta-blocker that was developed and is still being widely used all over. Of course, as with any other prescription drugs, atenolol side effects cannot be eliminated, as patients will surely feel the effects after taking it in.


Side Effects of Atenolol

Atenolol Side Effects

As with other prescription drugs, not all side effects will be experienced by the patient. In some cases, the drug does not have any side effect at all. Those classified under the common atenolol side effects are instances that are usually felt by patients especially when the drug has taken its effect in about 3 hours after ingestion. These common side effects include dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, coldness in the extremities such as the fingers and toes. The patient may also feel weak and suddenly get tired. It is best to let the patient rest and not exert effort when doing things in order to lessen the atenolol side effects.


However, there are also severe atenolol side effects that have been reported to suffer by the patients. It is best to seek medical attention immediately when these instances occur. Some of the atenolol side effects that are considered of severe degree are allergic reactions resulting to difficulty in breathing and tightness in the chest and swelling in some parts of the body, particularly the mouth, face, eyes and lips, persistent dizziness and lightheadedness, sudden bleeding and sudden slow heartbeat. These instances may be a symptom of something more severe and may lead to actual heart attack. Of course, we do not want this to happen so better seek medical attention immediately when you see signs like these occur.


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